Shoulder Mounts/Head Mounts   *add $100 for open mouth  *add $40 for wall or table pedestal

  • Deer     $500
  • Bear      $530
  • Antelope $525
  • Elk $925
  • Most Small Game $325 (Raccoon, Fox, Coyote, Bobcat)

Lifesize and 3/4 mounts mounts

  • Bear 3/4 mount     $1000 (see below)

Bear 3/4 mount includes front paws and some of the bears midsection.  Price varies based off of a $300 form.  Add or subtract form price above or below $300 from base price of $1000.

  • Bear full mount     $2000 (see below)

Bear full mount is based on a 5 foot bear and a $450 form.  $450 is an average to high end price on a bear form, but will vary depending    on pose, add or subtract anything above or below $450 from the base price of $2000.

  • Lifesize most small game $595 (Coyote, fox, bobcat, fisher, raccoon)

Rugs (All rugs are priced as open mouth)

  • Bear $215/ft.
  • Wolf $200/ft.
  • most small game rugs $700  (coyote, fox, bobcat, raccoon, fisher)

Tanning (for small game, deduct $20 if skinning is done)

  • Deer hide  $210
  • Elk Hide    Call
  • Moose Hide    Call
  • Fox, coyote or similar size (tubed)  call

Antler mounts

  • Whitetail w/o plaque  $50
  • Whitetail with plaque  $80

European mount

(prices are for beetle cleaned and bleached skull, add $25 for a plaque)

  • Whitetail $150
  • Bear        $150

Antler Reproduction (See antler reproduction page for pricing)

**All prices are for mount only, any habitat is extra

***Open mouth mounts will add $125